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About Us

For those of you who did not already know, my father, William Eugene Sullivan Jr., passed away on April 24, 2008, at the age of 94. He loved the electrical business and had been directly involved with its sales and marketing since 1939. During his lifetime, electricity became and accepted part of every American's life, from sprawling urban centers to sparse rural outskirts.

Bill was born in 1923, just 23 years after Nikola Tesla had sold the rights to George Westinghouse for the alternating current (AC) method of distributing electricity. Houses across America were just beginning to get wired in order to have electric light instead of gas or oil lanterns. Telephones were being installed, marking a new era for communication.

Today, we take electricity for granted. But, when bill was young, it was an exciting new technology. At the time, America led the rest of the world into the "Electric Age."

The Chicago exposition of 1893 provided the average American with a glimpse of the future-arc/fluorescent lighting, electric signs, motors, cars, etcetera, and helped shape the future wiring of America. Without that electrical infrastructure, we would not be the connected internet society we are today.

My father was a keen observer of/participant in this technological revolution. He was excited to be involved as a representative of the manufacturers of these new products that were changing the world.

What did he bring to the party? A strong sense of Service, Integrity, and a Genuine Empathy for the people with whom he worked.

Today we face new challenges. The search more efficient means of production, transmission, and utilization continues within the manufacturing, distribution and implementation sectors of our industry.

We will honor Bill's memory by the introduction of new and useful products, responsive service, and a strong sense of the Bill Sullivan way of doing business.

— Bruce Sullivan

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